Kazuaki Takahashi,

I studied at the Ecole nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris (School of Fine Arts) in France when I was young and I've been painting for 45 years this year

Just as the Impressionists painted in full light for the richness of light and color, so I have pursued my dialogue with nature. For me, the driving force behind the painting process is the flow of colors that I find in nature, which I didn't create, but which nature has taught me.

The colors accumulated in my memory over the years are lined up on my palette and run through my brain, contracting and expanding. I made my journey with my colors, which were sometimes silent on the canvas, sometimes more vivid, sometimes well aligned, sometimes diffused. When I try to settle into my style, my mind is carried away by a wind that comes from nowhere. I feel like a gust of wind blowing me from destruction to the next creation...

I want to rely on the flow of brush strokes and layers of paint that I've practiced for half a century, and paint the feast of colors that nature has taught me.

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Kazuaki Takahashi